Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Math Carpet Time- Callie was our helper today


Talking Circle- We are going to be starting our star of the week student next week, so this morning we practiced saying something nice about our own families to prepare. During our star of the week talking circle, each kid will be asked to say something nice about that star student. I like to call this a “warm and fuzzy” circle because it makes the star of the week feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Ms. Hendry

Social- We talked about community helpers today. We have a list of so many people in our community who help in different ways. There are storekeepers, medical professionals, police, school based helpers, spiritual leaders, artists, trades people, bus drivers, maintenance workers etc. This morning we were very lucky to get to FaceTime a spiritual leader and a trades worker! We Facetimed a pastor named Pastor Luke, and we actually Facetimed “Mr. Maley” (my husband) who is a carpenter. We asked them both how they help the community, and we got to ask them some questions. Next week we will be Facetiming with a police officer, medical professional and hopefully a store keeper! The students loved it, and afterwards they could draw a picture of how either person helps our community. We sent these to Seesaw.



ELA Carpet Time

Daily 5- We built up our Read to Self Stamina today. We added a new centre to “Work on Writing.” We learned a new way to Listen to Reading which is using Raz Kids. Thanks to the SCC for helping purchase this subscription for our class! To access Raz Kids at home, go to www.raz-kids.com (Or download the Raz Kids app) Click “Kids Login,” and type in my teacher code which is dmaley¬† You should be able to find your child’s name. The password is a picture of a bunny for everyone. Here they can read books at their level throughout the year. They can take quizzes, and earn stars to personalize their robot/spaceship. If you have any questions about Raz Kids, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Phys Ed- I did a jumping and running assessment with the kids today. It was very windy outside, but we managed! Good news! Starting in October we will be allowed to use the gymnasium again!

Health- We talked about different things that we are born with/ versus things we “get later on.” Ex: Hair colour, skin colour, belly buttons, culture, religion. We also talked about how when we are born, humans only have one communication skill, and that is crying. As we grow older we learn how to communicate in so many ways. Today we practiced gestures, facial expressions, drawings and written words. The kids LOVED guessing what I was saying without me talking. I think they think I should just stop talking and only teach using hand motions from now on!

Home Time

*Reminder that tomorrow is Orange Shirt Day

**Just a note that on October 1st, the student’s table spots/carpet spots/iPads and mini cohorts will be switching. We are under guidance of public health to keep all of the seating plans accurate and static, so I will only be switching these every month- but technically the kids will be with this new little group for the entire month until November.