Thursday, October 1, 2020

It’s October! That means we switched seating plans, iPads, and mini cohorts.

Math Carpet Time

Math Centres- The students worked on their math centres, and I pulled small groups to work on their patterning.


Play Centres- The students got to play in different centres today while I tested letters/sounds with kids.



ELA Carpet Time- We added a part to our routine today that is all about being Thankful. We are going to be practicing thankfulness and gratitude every day this month!

Daily 5- The students worked through Read to self, Work on Writing, Word Work, Listen to Reading, and Work with Mrs. Maley. It was also really nice to have our LRT, Mrs. Papp in the room during this hour to help out the kids that were working on centres.

Phys Ed- We got to use the gym again today! It was glorious! Especially after yesterday where we literally were getting blown over!

Health- Today we talked about having healthy minds and emotions. We had a talking circle where the kids shared something they love about themselves. It was so precious hearing them share with the class something they loved. We could learn from them as adults I think!

Home Time

*I am so sorry! I was supposed to send Parent Portal notes home today at the end of the day, and I totally forgot! I will send them tomorrow! Thanks for your patience with me! I am also going to be sending home a “take home folder.” This is a little folder where you can send notes and I can send notes so they don’t get bent or lost in their bag. We will tell the kids that this folder can “live in their backpack.”

** I also found out that picture retakes are on Tuesday, October 27th in the am! Mark your calendars if you need to!