Friday, October 20, 2020

Math Carpet Time

Notes- Today the parent portal notes went home (online report cards) HOWEVER, it turns out the office only sent the grade ones notes because they assumed the grade twos would be connected from last year. I let the office know that we would like them for the grade 2’s as well. Ms. Belton was away today, so grade 2s will get them when she’s back!

Math Centres- We switched up a couple centres today. There is a new math patterning centre that is played on the Smartboard. We also took out “Fabulous Five Worm” and added a dot to dot/counting centre.

The students who hadn’t worked on their math pages this week had to work on them today during the second rotation of our math centres. Many students finished, but just have some corrections to do. Please check your child’s bag to see if they have any math homework! (red duotang)


Science- Today we worked on some more living/non-living activities. The students also got to “design/create” their own animal today. It could have wings, feet, legs- whatever they wanted!



ELA Carpet Time- We read the chant, 5 Little Pumpkins today!

Daily 5 Centres- Read to Self- Well, our stamina only made it to 2 minutes 41 seconds today unfortunately. But we will keep working on it!

Work on Writing- Today we did the All About Us page that was about our address. Every year I always remind parents how important it is that their child knows their address. They are in grade 1 and 2 right now, so they DEFINITELY need to know it. I gave them a copy of it today, so they could practice spelling it, but please make sure your child knows their address! (And phone number for that matter).

Word Work- We learned a new centre today called Write the Room.

Ms. Hendry

Home Time

*I have a special day planned for the students on Friday, October 9th. Shh! It’s top secret! However, I know it is the Friday before the long weekend. Could you let me know if you plan on not being here on that Friday? Holidays etc. If there are too many kids missing, I will plan it for the Thursday instead. Just send me an email! Thanks!

Happy weekend!