Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Math Carpet Time


Talking Circle- Jessica had her star of the week circle this morning.

Ms. Hendry

Social- We got to talk to a 911 operator today and ask how she helps the community! We also spoke to Ms. Kydd, our vice-principal, and she shared how she is a helper in our school community!



ELA Carpet Time

Daily 5 Centres- Today we swapped out a few centres. We switched “alphabet soup” for a new centre called Pumpkin Letters. We also swapped out our journal centre for a new centre called Fall Mini Books.

Phys Ed- We played Pumpkin Tag and “Be an animal.”

Health- We worked on the “People in My Family” page of our All About Us Book.

*Picture orders are due October 20th.

**Retakes are October 27th!

***I am going to go ahead with our top secret special day for the kids this Friday. I only heard from one family, so I am assuming everyone else will be here for it!