Friday, October 9, 2020

Today was a train themed day! Today we spent the entire day making sure we all know our letters and sounds! Starting next week, we are going to move on to “decoding.” Decoding is when we begin to learn the rules/patterns of the English language!

The first thing the children had to do was to match the uppercase letter on their ticket to the lowercase seating assignment. (They were still with their mini cohort all day today, just in a new spot in the room!)

The train was showing a special on-board movie today called Leap Frog Letter Factory. (Great video to review letters and sounds if your child needs help with that! It is on Netflix and Youtube.


Arrived at Math Mountain- The students had three centres to work on. Pattern trains, estimating patterning train cars, and a patterning Smartboard activity.

Snack- Our train service provided a complimentary snack for the children today if they wanted one. (Individually wrapped fruit snacks). They continued watching the on-board movie.

Arrived at Makerspace Mountain- Instead of play centres today, the students did some creating! They either made a train out of lego, they got to play with a real train track set, or they were at their table making a train craft! They rotated through these stations.



Continued their onboard movie.

Did some ELA train time! (Rather than on the carpet).

Daily 5- Read to Self- Ms. Preece found us some awesome train books from the library. They were allowed to make their own hula hoop train to read inside.

Listen to Reading- I added a whole bunch of Epic train books to their Epic mailbox.

Work on Writing- There were a couple train writing activities to work on. They could either write the days of the week on a train, or do a vowel train worksheet. I told the students they could bring any of their train stuff home today to show you!

Word Work-The students print the “cage words” they knew on a little train worksheet.

Read to Mrs. Maley- I continued to test student’s reading levels today.

Trip to France- Ms. Hendry taught them French 🙂

Home Time- Grade 2’s were sent the Parent Portal information today in their take home folder. A few students have math homework. (Red duotang).

Have a great weekend! -Conductor Maley