Friday, October 16, 2020

Math Carpet Time- Deklan was our helper today


Math Centres- I started our last assessment on patterning today. Soon we will be done our patterning unit and I will send home all of the papers out of our math duotangs. Thanks to those parents who are helping with corrections at home. Again, I totally understand that it’s not fun to have homework in the evenings! If it is getting too difficult to work on at home, just remind your child that they can choose the “paper” centre during math centres and they can work on it at school and not have any homework!


Play centres- I continued our reading testing while the students were playing. Just to give you a heads up, we want grade ones reading at a level I by the end of the year, and grade 2s we want reading at a level M. You can ask your child if they know their level. If not, I will be letting you know at conferences.



ELA Carpet Time

Daily 5 Centres- We added a work on writing centre where the students can practice writing out our 5 Little Pumpkins chant.

Phys Ed- We had “Fit Friday” today. The students learned push-ups and wall sits and jump squats! Sounds terrible I know. But they loved it!

Health- We had a little talking circle where the students shared a family story. It could be happy, sad, funny etc. It was neat to hear them talk about home! 🙂

Home Time

*Reminder that October 26th is a PD day (It’s a Monday.)

**November 19th is going to be virtual parent/teacher conference day. More details will come.