Monday, October 19, 2020

Morning Carpet Time- Eve was our helper today.

Notes/mail- If the office didn’t receive your student information sheets, they sent another one home with your child to fill out and send back. 🙂

Math Centres- I finished the patterning testing today! All marks are up on Parent Portal. Each “assignment” is listed as an “I Can” statement. That means that every child is able to do the task. It just depends on how much support they received. BE (beginning)- means hand over hand direct support from teacher. PR (progressing) -means they had teacher support. ME (meeting) means that they were able to do the task independently without mistakes. ET (exceeding) means they went above and beyond the task and showed proficiency.


Science- Today the students watched these life cycle videos:

They then made a plant life cycle out of playdough and showed me they knew each stage!



ELA Carpet Time- We learned the English rule, “When 2 vowels go walking, the first one does the talking today.”

Daily 5 Work on Writing- We worked on writing our own “5 Little something” sentences today, rather than 5 little pumpkins. The students did great at coming up with their own words and even rhyming! If they didn’t finish writing the words (I wasn’t worried about the pictures), it was for homework as we had the whole hour for our 2 sentences. 😉

Ms. Hendry

Home Time

*PD Day next Monday

**Retake day next Tuesday

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