Friday, October 23, 2020

Happy Friday!

Math Carpet Time- Kaedin was our helper today

Notes/Mail- Thank you to those who sent the family tree papers back. If you didn’t, no worries! Perhaps you will have time to look at them together as a family over the weekend and send them back Tuesday!

Math Centres- The second half of math centres we did our paper work today. (If they weren’t done.) Please check your child’s backpack for a red duotang. Any page that says fix or do needs to be done. Anything with a check mark is complete!

Centres- The students had play centres today. I kept reading testing. I am almost finished testing the students. I tell each child their level, so you can always ask your child if they know what level they are reading at. This is because we have some levelled books in the class, and it helps the students have some good fit books in their book boxes at all times!



ELA Carpet Time

Daily 5 Centres

Gym- We practiced throwing (well more tossing) and cathing bean bags today!

Health- We reviewed solving problems with bullies, and we also reviewed what keeping/breaking a promise looks like.

Home Time

*It’s a long weekend! Monday is a PD Day. No school for students

**Tuesday is re-take day. Please let your child (or me) know if you want them to have re-takes. Not every child goes for re-takes. Only those that want it.

**Friday is Halloween dress up day. Students can wear costumes to school!