Monday, November 16, 2020

Math Carpet Time

Notes/Mail- There was a stapled letter sent home today. (Not from me!)

Math Centres- The students got some new math papers for this week. All about equality! We have been moving into things that are equal and unequal.


Ms. Hendry



ELA Carpet Time

Social- The students finished their paper on what they learned during our First Nation’s unit.

Phys Ed- I evaluated the students on their overhand throwing today.

Health- Students shared their healthy/unhealthy Venn diagrams to Seesaw.

Home Time

*Conferences are this week! Please check the schedule to remind yourself of when yours in! If you are on Zoom, you can click the link I sent by email. If you are over the phone, I will be calling the number I have on file. Thanks!

One thought on “Monday, November 16, 2020

  1. Can you let me know if aubrees mom was able to get a time for the conference as she told me she was unable to get on line to book a time. Just didnt want her to miss out because of this as I know aubree struggles and we need to know where to help her.
    If you dont mind adding me to your email list. I’m aubrees grandma that has aubree alot of the time.
    Thanks Val Dupuis

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