Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Math Carpet Time- Bentley was our helper today.

Mail/Notes- I decided to start home reading this week instead of waiting until next! Your child has a leveled book in their take home folder today. I included a reading strategies bookmark, and for those that need to work on their sight words, I included the Dolch sight word list flash cards. How the home reading program is going to work, is that every night your child READS their book, they can write the name of the book onto the Menchie’s bookmark. Once they have read 10 books, they can take it to the Menchies on Rochdale and turn it in for a free frozen yogurt. I want the Menchie’s bookmark to be for books that the students have read- not just flipping through pictures or being read to. Please encourage your child to sound out the words, use their reading strategies and try to read those leveled books!

Math Centres- We learned a new centre today. It was called Make 10 Go Fish. It’s played the exact same way as Go Fish, however the child needed to ask for the make 10 partner. 7 and 3, 6 and 4 etc.

I worked with the grade 1 students today on skip counting and finding an error in my counting.


Ms. Hendry



ELA Carpet Time- We worked on the dominant r/Rhino r reading strategy today. That is where the r takes over the vowel. In the word “birthday,” the r takes over the i. In the word November, the r takes over the e!

Science- We talked about how humans can end up being helpful or hurtful to the environment and to animals. We watched a couple videos from the organization, IFAW. They are a wildlife conservation group.

Phys Ed- We continued on our soccer passing and receiving today.

Health- We had a talking circle to share what the students feel like they are good at, and bad at. And how both things can be ok and how it makes them feel.

Home Time

*I also sent home the Record of Adaptions today. If your child got one, it just explains some extra things we are doing in class to try and help them succeed!

*This Friday is hat day!