Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Math Carpet Time- Aubree was our helper today

Notes/Mail- I sent home the student’s penguin sight word worksheet they worked on with the sub the other day. A couple re-take picture orders went home, and if your child brought back their home reading, they received a new book. If they didn’t no worries! No pressure. Whenever they bring it back, they can exchange then. There is no rush.

Math Centres- We learned a new math centre today. It was called “sticky problems.” The students got to use sticky notes to cover up one part of an addition problem, and the partner had to tell them the number that was hidden. This is an easy game to play at home. Write down something like 7=4+3  Cover up either the 7, the 4 or the 3, and the child needs to tell you what is underneath.


Makerspace- Today we used clay for our Makerspace medium. The students had a blast creating different things with it. It sounds like some of you might even be in for a gift or two!



ELA Carpet Time- We looked at dominant r/rhino r again today. The r takes over the vowel and makes it say rrrrrr.

Daily 5 Listen to Reading- We finished chapter 10 of Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe today.

Daily 5 Centres- I worked with a couple guided reading groups.

Phys Ed- We worked on our passing and receiving skills with soccer balls today.

Health- We watched a brush your teeth video and finished our Venn diagrams for those who weren’t done.

Home Time

*As most of you know, there has been another positive case of covid at Plainsview. That classroom is isolating, and only close contacts of that person will need to self isolate. Those people will have been contacted directly from SHA. Because there are some close contacts in our class, I am going to try and video tape my Math carpet time and my ELA carpet time for the students at home to watch. I will get our EA, Mr. W, to videotape me. Though he will try and only get myself and the helper of the day in the frame, I need to know if anyone does not want their child to be videotaped. The video would only be posted for the few students who are self isolating at home, but with privacy issues, I need to know if anyone has an issue with this. Please send me an email if you feel this might be a problem.

Here are the documents to remind everyone of the covid precautions and guidelines.


COVID Self Monitor Form

NON contact letter