Friday, November 27, 2020

Math Carpet Time- Students self isolating can follow along with the video posted on Seesaw.

Notes/Mail/Home Reading

Math Centres/Finished our red duotangs. If your child’s red duotang was sent home, they have some homework to do or corrections.


Social Studies- Today we used Google Earth to look at our continent, country, province and city. We also looked at where our clothes were made. The students had a blast trying to find the “made in” on their tags and then typing in the country.  Students self isolating can download the free Google Earth app or use a Web browser for the Google Earth website and hunt for where their clothes are made!



ELA Carpet Time-students self isolating can follow along for the Mystery Word video posted to Seesaw, and then write their own sentence using the word ‘assembly,’ or copy our sentence. Feel free to print so the student can practice with the correct size and shape of letters.

Assembly- We had a STORM values assembly today where we honoured certain students for showing honesty and always telling the truth. Congratulations Kaedin and Gabby!

Daily 5 Listen to Reading- We read Chapter 12 of the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe today.

Daily 5- Guided Reading- Students self isolating can just do their reading through Raz Kids. See yesterday’s post for instructions.

Ms. Hendry

Home Time- We had a fun hat day today! I am sorry, I didn’t even take any pictures!

*Next week there are going to be candy cane sales. Here is the note:

Once again, Plainsview School will be selling Candy Canes to raise money for Christmas hampers. The Candy canes will be sold in the classrooms to keep our cohorts intact. The cost will be $1 per candy cane. They will also be available for purchase through cash online. Sales will begin on Tuesday, December 1st and will continue until supplies last. 

(Pods C & D-AM – Pods A & B-PM)