Monday, November 30, 2020

Math Carpet Time- Students who are self isolating can follow along with the video posted to Seesaw.

Notes/Mail/Home Reading- The math sheets for the week are printed and in their red duotangs, but if any families self isolating want to print at home and do them this week, they can. Grade 2’s- even or odd worksheet  2even or odd circle the number Grade 1’s-

Talking Circle- Hazem is the star of the week, and we had a warm and fuzzy circle for him today.


Ms. Hendry

Social Studies- We used Google Earth to look up special landmarks today- bridges, famous statues, towers, and even Niagra Falls. We talked about the purpose of these things. What is a bridge used for? Why build a statue etc?



ELA Carpet Time- We will be talking about squealy ee’s this week. Squealy ees are when two ees say the sound, eeeeee. Students self isolating can copy out the daily message that was posted to Seesaw.

Daily 5 Listen to Reading- We read half of chapter 13 of the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Read to Self- The students made it 7 minutes, 22 seconds today.

Work on Writing- We kept working on our Book Creator books today. They continued with their book’s problem.

Phys Ed- We worked on soccer dribbling with our feet. We also worked on big kicks today.

Health- We talked about healthy smiles/dental health today. The students worked on the book, My Healthy Smile. We didn’t quite finish, so will be working on this tomorrow as well. Students who are self isolating can complete the book on Seesaw activities. No rush!

Home Time

*Just a reminder that we are a nut free school. So please don’t send anything with any nuts in the student’s snacks or lunches!

**Tomorrow is the first day of candy cane sales. Your child can bring $1 to school and buy a candy cane for themselves or for a friend.