Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Math Carpet Time- Video is posted for self isolating students!

Notes/Mail/Home Reading- I did send home the Scholastic book order today. I got the students to circle any books they liked. If you need any ideas for Christmas or stocking stuffers, take a look. There can be some good cheap deals and we want our students reading as much as possible! 🙂

Math Centres- We learned a couple new centres today- Find It- a subitizing game, and More or Less counters which is a counter game.

Read aloud- Today I read the students the book called, “I Quite Grade One.” It is about a little girl who finds out her teacher is having a baby and so she writes the principal a letter telling him all the things she needs the new teacher to have/do. I let the kids know that because I am having a baby, they will also be getting a new teacher in the new year. There were lots of questions, and I will keep prepping them all month for what it is going to look like. We are going to try our best to get the possible new teacher to come for some visits in December!

Makerspace- Today the students got to paint their clay creations from last week. We also had some time to make some new clay creations that will be fired in a kiln!



ELA Carpet Time- Our word of the day was “teeth.” Self isolating students can come up with a sentence with the word teeth. We looked at the squealy ees in “teeth.”

Daily 5 Centres- We added a new work on writing centre where the kids practiced spelling/tracing Christmas words.

Guided Reading

Phys Ed- We played a super game of kickball!

Health- The students finished their healthy teeth books and the others listened to feelings books on Epic. Self isolating students can log into epic with the class code lqk1840 The feeling books will be under their mailbox in the RH corner.

Home Time

*Candy Cane sales will continue until the candy canes are gone. They should last for the rest of the week, but they are going fast! $1 per candy cane.