Thursday, December 10, 2020

Math Carpet Time- Elizabeth was our helper today

Notes/Mail/Home Reading

Math Centres

Social- We looked at different Sk artists and their interpretations of winter landscapes. Today the students got to use oil pastels and make their own interpretations of winter landscapes.



ELA Carpet Time

Daily 5 Listen to Reading- Elizabeth picked a winter book for us to read.

Work on Writing- We continued to work on our Book Creator books. Those that were finished were sent to Seesaw! I told them you might be able to print them and keep a copy at home. They will be sent to the blog soon so that you can send family and friends to read their story.

Ms. Hendry

Home Time

*Tomorrow is PJ day, however there aren’t any stuffed animals/blankets/pillows allowed because of the virus. Just PJ’s!

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