Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Everyone is doing so great! I love seeing what you are working on at home, and as always, please do not feel pressured to get it all done or to get it perfect! Everyone is trying their best!

Wednesday’s plan

Wednesday morning- Watch the morning math routine video. Follow along and send me anything that you would like to show your learning.

Wednesday morning math worksheet

ELA carpet time video- As always, feel free to do this in the morning or afternoon!

Wednesday afternoon- Check your last Tuesday email for your scheduled time for a Google Meet. It will be the same as Monday’s! These little meetings are only 15 minutes, and they are just to do a bit of guided reading with me and a couple of friends!

ELA afternoon worksheet- It’s a writing worksheet! I would like your child to finish the snowman picture and then write a few sentences about it! (Grade 2s should be able to write 9 sentences by the end of the year, and grade 1s should be able to write 6! We aren’t quite there yet- but just so you know our goals!)

*If you would like to listen to Mrs. Preece’s read aloud, it is here!

I’m proud of everyone and how hard they are working! Keep it up!

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