Goodbye to the Students and Parents of Plainsview!

Well Grade 1/2 parents and students, I think this is going to be goodbye! We are REALLY hoping that Ms. Leflar will have all the paperwork needed to start the new year off with you.

What can I even say? It has been a WONDERFUL 4 months. I love my job, I love your kids, and I am so thankful for the time I have got to spend with them. I know they will have an awesome rest of the year, and that they will love Ms. Leflar.

Thank you for all the kind words, cards, gifts and wishes as I head into mat leave in January. It’s an exciting time, and I will be sure to send Ms. Leflar a picture of the baby once it is born so the kids can meet the newest little Maley.

I will be available over the holidays (through Seesaw) if you have any questions for Ms. Leflar or any last things you need to touch base with me on before January 4th. As soon as Ms. L has all the computer stuff up and running, she will be messaging you to let you know the plan for the first week back.

Just a couple house keeping items… I will be doing all of the first term report cards. So basically the marks that are in there right now will likely be what shows up on the Term 1 report card. Ms. L will be beginning to assess and mark different things in January, however we think it’s best if those marks just go onto Term 2’s report card.

Snow globes- Unfortunately the green dye from the trees is staining the snow globe’s water green! Feel free to dump it and re-add clear water if you need to! All it is is water, sparkles, some fake snow and a bit of glycerin. Sorry about that! This was my first time making them! Hopefully they will last and it can be a nice memory of our time “in Narnia.”

HAVE A SAFE AND MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I am sending everyone all my love and best wishes! Here’s to 2021 being better than 2020!!

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