Hello and welcome to our grade 3/4 blog! Here Mrs. Maley will be sharing what’s happening in our room, and I hope that you can join our journey this year. There will be info posted daily on this blog.

11 thoughts on “Home

  1. Congratulations Mrs. Maley on a fantastic project and class blog. I enjoyed the videos and the creative work and learning by your students.

  2. Mrs. Maley,

    So great to see you are doing a wonderful job with your new class! Hope all is well. Say hi to Kirby for me.:)

    Lori (Rachel’s Mom)

  3. :). It looks like those kids had a very fun time.
    Thats pretty cool going on a lot of school trips
    also you have an awesome blog.

  4. Hello from the KinderKids in NH. We’d love to connect with you. We are 21 five and six year olds who love to blog and make friends around the world. Hope we can be friends.

    Mrs. Knee and the KinderKids

  5. I like the kids pics and their comments! Your doing a fantastic Job!!!!!! We couldn’t ask for a better teacher!!!!!!

  6. Wow, great work! I love reading the comments from the kids and yourself. I will be checking back frequently to see what the classroom is up to.


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