Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Math Carpet Time- Jordynne was our helper today

Table Activity- We did a fun Narnia bingo today! Congrats to Jessica and Alexis who each won a round.

Math Centres

Snack- I let the kids try Turkish Delight today! It was chocolate coated, not icing sugar (like the movie). Surprisingly lots of the kids really liked it!

Makerspace- We finished our snowglobes today! The students brought them home!



ELA Carpet time

Daily 5 Listen to Reading- Jordynne chose the book, Snowmen at Christmas

Daily 5 Read to self- We made it to 9 minutes for our stamina today.

Work on Writing- The students made a little wardrobe that opened today and they wrote about the favourite character underneath.

Gym- We played Narnia tag! We had a White Witch with a wand that turned people to stone, and then Aslan came along and “breathed” on them (Touched them with a pinney) to unfreeze them.

Health- We actually just tested out Seesaw today. Next week the students are going to be in charge of a lot of their own learning, so I made sure they all knew how to send me their work today. If you get a random 5 tens and 9 ones picture on Seesaw, it was their test post!

Home time

*Tomorrow is Sparkle and Shine day

**Friday is PJ day

***Please let me know if you are having trouble with the home codes for Seesaw. You will need to log in with these next week. I just sent a Narnia activity tonight for you to try with your child to make sure you know how to do a Seesaw activity!

Tuesday, December 8th, 2020

The students had a great day in Narnia today.









We played a Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Kahoot to check their comprehension on the book. I’m very thankful the kids were so into the novel this year! It made each chapter so fun to read.

We went upstairs to the Studio to work on some Narnia snow globes! The AMAZING SCC at Plainsview donated money to our special Narnia day so that I could buy snow globe supplies. Today we just glued the items into the snow globe, and tomorrow we are going to be adding sparkles, fake snow and water!








Ms. Hendry



This afternoon we watched The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe movie! I love watching the students compare and contrast the book to the movie. Isn’t that still fun to do as an adult as well? I would pause the movie intermittently and we would talk about some of the similarities and differences. The students also got to “keep warm and cozy” in Narnia by watching the movie with their winter clothes as a comfy bed!








Home Time

*Seesaw home reading codes were sent home today. As long as you sign up for this before Monday, you should be good to go!

**Tomorrow is Ugly Sweater Day

Here is my tentative plan for next week:

Monday am: Math Carpet Time/ ELA Carpet Time

Items needed: 1) Device to watch pre-recorded videos- about 1/2 hour of time, 2) whiteboard OR iPad (with our apps?) OR piece of paper/pencil to follow along. 3)Monday’s paper packet for independent work time. 4) One home reading book/Raz Kids

Monday pm: Optional Google Meet for students. The schedule/ details will be in the personalized email sent asap.

Items needed: Device for Google Meet- Time slots will be 15 minutes, fun Monday afternoon paper package.

Tuesday am: Math Carpet Time/ELA Carpet Time

Items needed: 1) Device to watch videos- 1/2 hour of time, 2) whiteboard/iPad/piece of paper/pencil. 3)Tuesday paper packet. 4) One home reading book/Raz Kids

Tuesday pm: Ms. Hendry will have sent a Seesaw activity.

Items needed: Device to complete the Seesaw activity.

Wednesday am: Math Carpet Time/ ELA Carpet Time

Items needed: 1) Device to watch videos- 1/2 hour of time. 2) whiteboard/iPad/piece of paper/pencil. 3) Wednesday paper packet 4) One home reading book/Raz Kids

Wednesday pm: Optional Google Meet for guided reading. Details are sent in email.

Items needed: 1) Device that has Google Meet. Time commitment- 15 minutes. 2) Tuesday afternoon paper package

Thursday am: Math Carpet Time/ELA Carpet Time

Items needed: 1) Device to watch videos- 1/2 hour time commitment. 2) whiteboard/iPad/piece of paper/pencil. 3) Thursday paper packet 4) One home reading book/Raz Kids

Thursday pm: Optional Google Meet CAROLING DANCE PARTY! @1:30 PM Details to be sent next week.

Items needed: 1) Device to connect to Google Meet. Time committment 20 minutes 1:30-1:50 ish.

Friday am: Optional Google Meet CAROLING DANCE PARTY! @10:30 AM Details to be sent next week.

Items needed: 1) Device to connect to Google Meet. Time commitment: 20ish minutes.

Friday pm: Optional movie/documentary afternoon. Details to follow. Some fun paper work.

Items needed: TV- Netflix OR Amazon Prime OR YouTube

Hopefully this helps you plan your week a bit. Stay tuned for an email!


Monday, December 7, 2020

Math Carpet Time

Mail/Notes/Home Reading

Talking Circle- We had Iris’s star of the week circle this morning.

Ms. Hendry

Social- We looked at some Saskatchewan artists and their paintings/drawings about winter landscapes. We actually learned how to make our own paper snowflakes as well.



ELA Carpet Time

I’m so sorry I  forgot to update our reading progress. On Friday we read chapter 16, and today we finished the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe!

Daily 5 Read to self- stamina 15 minutes!

Work on Writing- We finished up our Book Creator books. They will be posted soon!

Phys Ed- We finished our game of Kickball today!

Health- We read a book about being rude and then read some books on Epic about Feelings.

Home Time

*I have sent you an email outlining the plan for Christmas holidays. Basically next week- December 14-18th, we will be moving to online/remote learning. The children will get their Seesaw home learning codes in their take home folder tomorrow. After Christmas, the first week of school will also be remote learning. The majority of the teaching/learning is going to be done through Seesaw/Google Meet. Please have these apps downloaded on some type of device so we can connect! I will let you know more details as I know them!

**Tomorrow we are going to be having a special room transformation day. The students don’t know about it. I have decided to NOT ask them to dress up as a character as it looks like we will be having some spirit days this week instead of next. Tomorrow is going to be red and green day.


Friday, December 4, 2020

Math Carpet Time

Notes/Mail/Home Reading- I sent home the student’s Remembrance Day pictures today. There was also a note sent home not from me.

Math Centres- We learned a couple new math centres today. We also worked on our red duotangs. If your child has a red duotang in their backpack, they have homework.

Social- The students went and found their own house today on Google Earth. I had them send it to me on Seesaw. Some children’s houses weren’t built yet because Google came around a few years back. This was a good reminder again of students who weren’t sure of their address. PLEASE please practice your child’s address with them at home so they know it.



ELA Carpet Time- Today our word was “sheep.” Students self isolating can come up with a sentence with that word!

Daily 5 Listen to Reading

D5 Centres- We learned a new penguin sight word centre today. I worked with guided reading groups.

Ms. Hendry

Home Time

*Have a great weekend!

**Just a heads up that even though the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe movie afternoon is going to be a surprise for the students next Tuesday, December 8th, if you want to sneak an extra snack into your child’s lunch for that day, they will be able to eat it during the movie.

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Math Carpet Time

Notes/Mail/Home Reading

Math Centres- We added a new website called Smoothie Math! During small group math, I have been working with the grade one students on subitizing (telling how many dots by grouping, not counting). I have been working with the grade twos on equal/unequal number sentences. Self isolating students can play the math app here.


Science- Today we reviewed how sometimes humans can help/hurt animals. We also talked about how animals can help/hurt us as well. We talked specifically about coyotes today and how they are not OVERLY dangerous, but that we do need to be careful, and that there are ways to stay safe when they are near us. Here is a video we watched:

We then acted out different scenarios where humans interact with animals. The students were put in groups, they got a card with an interaction on it and they had to act it out to the class so the class could guess. Here were some of the scenarios: horse drawn carriage pulling people around a city, having an animal as a pet in a family, guide dog, dog sled, chickens laying eggs and farmers collecting them, search and rescue dog trying to find skiers trapped in the snow.



ELA Carpet Time- Students self isolating can write a sentence using the word, “sweet.”

Daily 5 Listen to Reading- I apologize that I forgot to write that we read chapter 14 of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe yesterday! Today we read chapter 15. Hopefully those self isolating can catch up! We will finish reading the novel by Monday.

Daily 5- Work on Writing- Today we worked on the solution to our stories! In our class story, the evil character tried to cheat to win a trophy, but in our solution, a race official caught her, she didn’t get the trophy, she learned her lesson and went home. Self isolating students- if your child can remember their story up until this point (character, setting, character traits, goals) then they could just write out their problem and their solution on paper and bring it to class so they can copy it when they are back. If they can’t, then we will work to catch them up once they are here.

Ms. Hendry

Home Time

*Shhhhh! There is going to be a top secret room transformation day next Tuesday. Please watch for details. I might get the students to dress up as their favourite Narnia character for Tuesday the 8th. I plan to watch the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in class on Tuesday afternoon. (They know it’s coming- they just don’t know when.) This movie is PG as there are a couple scarier parts, however I always pause it before they come, and if the students need to leave the room, come sit close to me, or take a little break during that part, they are always welcome to do so. If anyone has an issue with their child watching this movie on Tuesday afternoon, PLEASE let me know as soon as possible! I find that because we have read the book first, the students are usually really good with it, and because they know the happy ending is coming, they can handle the sad part a bit better!

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Math Carpet Time- Video is posted for self isolating students!

Notes/Mail/Home Reading- I did send home the Scholastic book order today. I got the students to circle any books they liked. If you need any ideas for Christmas or stocking stuffers, take a look. There can be some good cheap deals and we want our students reading as much as possible! 🙂

Math Centres- We learned a couple new centres today- Find It- a subitizing game, and More or Less counters which is a counter game.

Read aloud- Today I read the students the book called, “I Quite Grade One.” It is about a little girl who finds out her teacher is having a baby and so she writes the principal a letter telling him all the things she needs the new teacher to have/do. I let the kids know that because I am having a baby, they will also be getting a new teacher in the new year. There were lots of questions, and I will keep prepping them all month for what it is going to look like. We are going to try our best to get the possible new teacher to come for some visits in December!

Makerspace- Today the students got to paint their clay creations from last week. We also had some time to make some new clay creations that will be fired in a kiln!



ELA Carpet Time- Our word of the day was “teeth.” Self isolating students can come up with a sentence with the word teeth. We looked at the squealy ees in “teeth.”

Daily 5 Centres- We added a new work on writing centre where the kids practiced spelling/tracing Christmas words.

Guided Reading

Phys Ed- We played a super game of kickball!

Health- The students finished their healthy teeth books and the others listened to feelings books on Epic. Self isolating students can log into epic with the class code lqk1840 The feeling books will be under their mailbox in the RH corner.

Home Time

*Candy Cane sales will continue until the candy canes are gone. They should last for the rest of the week, but they are going fast! $1 per candy cane.

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

It’s December! Today we switched carpet spots, table spots and iPads.

Math Carpet time

Notes/Mail/Home Reading

Math Centres- We learned a couple new centres today. One of them is an estimating jelly bean centre! They have to use the referent of ten jelly beans, and try and guess how many jelly beans there are in the jar.


Ms. Hendry



ELA Carpet Time- Sorry students self isolating, no video today! Write me your own sentence using a squealy e word if you’d like!

Listen to Reading- We finished chapter 13 of the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

Science- We finished our humans helping/hurting posters. We then talked about how sometimes humans can hurt and help animals, but that sometimes animals can hurt or help humans as well! Here is a video we watched about how some animals have helped humans.

Phys Ed- I assessed the student’s dribbling and kicking abilities today. Marks are updated in Parent Portal.

Health- We finished our Healthy Smile books today. If they were finished, they could either put them in their book boxes or take them home. If they weren’t quite finished, I asked them to finish for homework.

Home time

*Candy cane sales. Just a reminder that all week, there will be candy cane sales. Students can purchase a candy cane for a dollar. Proceeds go to the school’s care baskets for families in need.



Monday, November 30, 2020

Math Carpet Time- Students who are self isolating can follow along with the video posted to Seesaw.

Notes/Mail/Home Reading- The math sheets for the week are printed and in their red duotangs, but if any families self isolating want to print at home and do them this week, they can. Grade 2’s- even or odd worksheet  2even or odd circle the number Grade 1’s-

Talking Circle- Hazem is the star of the week, and we had a warm and fuzzy circle for him today.


Ms. Hendry

Social Studies- We used Google Earth to look up special landmarks today- bridges, famous statues, towers, and even Niagra Falls. We talked about the purpose of these things. What is a bridge used for? Why build a statue etc?



ELA Carpet Time- We will be talking about squealy ee’s this week. Squealy ees are when two ees say the sound, eeeeee. Students self isolating can copy out the daily message that was posted to Seesaw.

Daily 5 Listen to Reading- We read half of chapter 13 of the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Read to Self- The students made it 7 minutes, 22 seconds today.

Work on Writing- We kept working on our Book Creator books today. They continued with their book’s problem.

Phys Ed- We worked on soccer dribbling with our feet. We also worked on big kicks today.

Health- We talked about healthy smiles/dental health today. The students worked on the book, My Healthy Smile. We didn’t quite finish, so will be working on this tomorrow as well. Students who are self isolating can complete the book on Seesaw activities. No rush!

Home Time

*Just a reminder that we are a nut free school. So please don’t send anything with any nuts in the student’s snacks or lunches!

**Tomorrow is the first day of candy cane sales. Your child can bring $1 to school and buy a candy cane for themselves or for a friend.