Thursday, December 17, 2020

Good work everyone! You are doing a great job at remote learning! Please remember not to stress yourself out, and only do what you can!

Math Carpet Time- Feel free to watch the recorded video and follow along with our math routine! If you want to send me a picture of the work you’ve done, you can!

Morning worksheet- Snow much fun. Figure out what the base ten number is and write it! Say it out loud to make sure you aren’t getting the tens and ones backwards!

ELA Carpet Time- Feel free to do this in the morning or the afternoon. Follow along with the video

ELA worksheet- Your child is going to finish the picture of the snowball fight and then write me a story or a few sentences about what is happening!

Thursday afternoon:

Ms. Hendry will be posting a Seesaw assignment the students can work on.

Caroling dance party at 1:30 PM. The link is in the Seesaw inbox! Your child’s Google username and password is The password is Student1

*Ms. Preece’s read aloud is here

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