Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Math Carpet Time- Jordynne was our helper today

Table Activity- We did a fun Narnia bingo today! Congrats to Jessica and Alexis who each won a round.

Math Centres

Snack- I let the kids try Turkish Delight today! It was chocolate coated, not icing sugar (like the movie). Surprisingly lots of the kids really liked it!

Makerspace- We finished our snowglobes today! The students brought them home!



ELA Carpet time

Daily 5 Listen to Reading- Jordynne chose the book, Snowmen at Christmas

Daily 5 Read to self- We made it to 9 minutes for our stamina today.

Work on Writing- The students made a little wardrobe that opened today and they wrote about the favourite character underneath.

Gym- We played Narnia tag! We had a White Witch with a wand that turned people to stone, and then Aslan came along and “breathed” on them (Touched them with a pinney) to unfreeze them.

Health- We actually just tested out Seesaw today. Next week the students are going to be in charge of a lot of their own learning, so I made sure they all knew how to send me their work today. If you get a random 5 tens and 9 ones picture on Seesaw, it was their test post!

Home time

*Tomorrow is Sparkle and Shine day

**Friday is PJ day

***Please let me know if you are having trouble with the home codes for Seesaw. You will need to log in with these next week. I just sent a Narnia activity tonight for you to try with your child to make sure you know how to do a Seesaw activity!

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  1. For some reason aubrees code did not make it home this week are you able to send a new one before the end of the week?

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