Friday, December 11, 2020

Math Carpet Time- Callie was our helper today

Mail/Notes/Home Reading- Everyone got their remote learning package to take home today. I have everything separated into days, and then I also sent 5 home reading books home. I have told the kids that they should be mostly running themselves next week, and not needing a lot of parent help. I’m hoping to have the students working independently so parents don’t have to “home school.” Please know that you guys can do what you can, but that I don’t expect perfection! If you get stuff on the schedule done, great! If not, I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND! I will be available for phone calls/Seesaw messages and emails next week as all staff are still working at the school.

Math Centres- We counted our jelly bean estimating centre today, and congrats to Bentley and Hannah who tied. There were 35 jelly  beans, and they both guessed 40.

Science- Since we had been talking about animals/humans and how they help each other, we had a special treat today! We got to Facetime with a vet and a vet tech to listen to how they have chosen careers that help animals. They actually assessed a real dog (named Bentley, which we thought was funny). They got to be inside an exam room and watch the vet do the whole check up! The kids were

very excited. They answered our questions too!

Classroom Clean Up- I tried to get all the kids to clean out their buckets, lockers and tables, so check their backpacks! Hopefully they have brought everything  home! We even went for a long and extended walk beside the lost and found to make sure nothing looked familiar!



ELA Carpet Time

Daily 5- Work on Writing- We sent the rest of our Book Creator books to Seesaw, so everyone should be able to read them now! They worked very hard on these! The book should have characters, setting, character traits, goals, problem and solution!

The children who were done worked on a Daily 5 centre.

Gifts- I gave out the student’s little Christmas gifts. Nothing big! But hopefully they are useful!

Ms. Hendry

Home Time

*I will try send a blog post out on Sunday so that you have a day plan ready to go on Monday morning.

Reminder that the Raz Kids login is: teacher username- dmaley

student password- bunny rabbit picture.

Epic! login – our class code is lqk1840 Your child can click the “read to me” section, or I’ve also added some of the “collections” of books into the child’s mailbox!

I also want to remind you that if your child finishes their work early, and you are looking for things for them to do, you can get them to work on their sight word flashcards (I sent those home in a paper package a couple weeks ago.) I’ve also sent you child appropriate documentaries in the email. Don’t feel bad if you need to use them!

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