Thursday, November 26, 2020

Math Carpet Time- Those who are self isolating, please check Seesaw for some math videos. Students can follow along with a whiteboard/paper/idevice at home. The Hundreds board app we use is here. There is a free website that has something similar and can be found here. You Tube video for counting by 10s is below. Base ten website Free base ten app Base ten app we use in class

Notes/Mail- Home reading

Math Centres- We were able to make it through 2 rotations today.

Science- We worked at finishing our pictures of how humans sometimes hurt animals (Cutting down their forests so they end up displaced.) And how humans sometimes help animals (Things like caring for an orphaned animal and releasing it back to the wild once it has been rehabilitated.) Once we finished that picture, the students went under the student announcement section of Seesaw and watched the animals and what they eat video, and then played the matching game. Students who are self isolating can draw their own helping/hurting picture and send it to Seesaw. They can also watch the animal video and play the game. (Both of these are under the student inbox)



ELA Carpet Time

Daily 5 Listen to Reading – Chapter 11 of The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. Parents of students who are self isolating: Here is the book online. If you want to keep up with our readings, you can read the chapter that we are on! By the way, I change the word ‘sledge’ to sled so the kids know what I’m talking about!

Read to Self- We made it 12 minutes, 4 seconds today!

Work on Writing- The students worked on their book today. Today we wrote about the problem in their story. For example, last day we worked on the character’s goal. The mean witch in the class’s story wanted to win a trophy. So today, the class decided that the problem of the story was that our witch was going to cheat.  Our example sentences today said… “One day there was a race in town. The witch decided she was going to cheat.” Next class we will add onto the problem of how the witch decided to cheat. Parents of students who are self isolating: You can have your child write their sentences down on paper or in a Seesaw post and send it to me through Seesaw. They can copy these sentences into their book when they are back to school.

Ms. Hendry

Home Time

*Tomorrow is hat/crazy hair day. Apparently the students can wear a hat OR they can do their hair crazy.

** Anyone who has not accessed Raz Kids yet, should probably do that in the next little while! Now is a great time. You never know if we will end up online, and it will be a nice tool in your belt if you need it!

Step 1) go to 

Step 2) Click on Kids login

Step 3) Type dmaley for the teacher username

Step 4) Click your child’s name

Step 5) Their password is the bunny picture.

Step 6) Click on reading room and then leveled books (at the top). OR click Level up. (That will automatically take them to their assigned level.)

Step 7) Your child can click the headphones to listen to the story first, and then click the book to read it out loud themselves. They earn stars for every book they read. They can spend those stars in the “star zone.”