Friday, November 6, 2020

Math Carpet Time


Math Centres- Some of our students need a bit of work with counting forwards and backwards to 100. (You can always practice this at home if you notice your child needs practice!) I have put a new counting song into one of our math centres so they can practice! We also practice rote counting and skip counting every morning during carpet time.


Ms. Hendry



ELA Carpet Time

Social- We talked some more about positive First Nation’s resistance and change. The students worked on learning some new Cree words through a game.

Phys Ed- The students worked on their over hand throws and then we practiced a version of dodgeball!

Health- The students finished words of respect and worked with healthy and unhealthy books.

Home Time

*On Monday, we are going to be having Makerspace again, and this time the students will be getting creative using cardboard. I have Mr. Jones collecting boxes here from school for us to use, but if you have any cardboard at home that was going to go to recycle anyways, and you want to send it with your child, we will be using it Monday morning! It doesn’t have to be huge either. Cereal boxes, shoe boxes, Amazon boxes (not that I know anything about those) would all be great! Thanks!

**Parent/Teacher conference sign up

***Reminder that masks for Pre-K to 3 will be required starting on Monday. Please send your child with 1-3 masks just in case one gets soiled!

****Online book fair starts this weekend. Check out this letter to read all about it.

Fall 2020 Online Book Fair